Fun Way to Say Goodbye to Summer

In celebration of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo worlds of Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong and more came to life for us to enjoy.  Here, in Tyson's Corner [VA], my family and I were invited to an exclusive VIP event to attend Nintendo's 3DS Be a Kid for a Day.  With the new school year right around the corner, what an awesome way to bring our Summer to a close!!!

Looking Back to Move Forward ... A Reflective Pause

Hi you guys! I hope all is well…

I’m taking a moment in looking back in an effort to move forward. What do I mean? Well, when I look back over my blog life, I’ve discovered my many strengths, value, and repeated themes I’ve shared here at Chatter Out Loud. I’m now at a point where I’m really starting to translate my experiences into profit, which I think is a blogging goal for many of us in this space.

Turkey Burger Soup Recipe


This is a recipe I found online and modified it to make it my own.  It is by far one of the best soup recipes I've come across.  It's hearty and my husband gave his stamp of approval, as he found it very filling as a meal on its own.  The kid loved it so much, she's asked for us to have it more often.  I hope you enjoy...

4 Things I Felt When I Got Ghosted [My Friendship Divorce]


What are you to think when a best friend ends your friendship abruptly...only to return and ponder what happened?

For those of us that are 'grown folk', we understand that only in our mature years will we reflect to seek understanding once those good friendships end.  It's known that you are a completely different person in your early twenties than when you cross into middle-age.  We hope, right?  After all, wisdom and growth comes with age???  So how surprised was I to see one of my best friends abruptly end our friendship.  And as far as I could tell, there were no incidents that took place to have it cut off that way.  Hmmm.
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