In the beginning...

Well, tonight I'm starting this blog online with the intention of expressing random thoughts out loud.  Right now, I'm listening to SiriusXM radio - close to calling it a night.  I have a full day tomorrow at work.  In fact, my mind has to settle because right now I'm thinking about the two deliverables that are due tomorrow.

That'll be the first half of my morning for sure.  I have to make sure I get a good breakfast to keep up my energy.  I'm not a coffee drinker, so I have to rely on a good night's sleep and good meals/snacks - especially breakfast.  Hmmm, maybe an egg white omelet with peppers, onions, and tomatoes?  A little cheddar too?  Well I'll have to think hard about the cheddar.  I'm trying to watch my weight.

Anyway, this is the start of DiiB Chatter Out Loud.  I look forward to seeing how this evolves, including how it'll impact my every day being.  We'll see!

Thanks for reading!

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