Michael Ealy Mastered His Skills

Last night I found myself annoyed at who I truly believed to be a Michael Ealy impostor on Twitter. His response to me having doubt was to be rude and short tempered! The thing is, I was only after learning if it was really him. After all, in January 2012 on 106&Park he announced he wasn't on Twitter or FB...

That made me think of how much I invest in social media, including the emotion that comes along with feeling like you have a connection with one of your favorite celebrities. I admit I am a Michael Ealy fan! There is no doubt. If you ask any of my family or friends, they'd tell you.  Seriously, the dude is in my Facebook profile pic rotation! Not to mention, I have him on Google alert, as wallpaper on my iPhone and as a screen saver on my MacBookPro. I think the only work I haven't seen him in was before anyone knew who he was (off Broadway) and Jellysmoke (which I have in my Netflix queue).

I guess what's puzzling is the fact that this interaction on Twitter with this impostor kind of changed my perception of the real actor. I couldn't help but think that on the slight chance that this was the real Michael Ealy and he was that rude to a true fan, man, everything I admired was put into question. I really enjoyed this brotha's talent on the big and small screen. In one of my poems I wrote about him (titled My Celebrity Crush) there's a part that reads, "He's legit...if he's on the big screen I'll pay for a ticket...if he's on the small screen I'll tune in..either way doesn't matter, I'll be watchin'"...

Now, I find myself a little taken aback! Then I ask why, he's a human being right? We all have bad days and moments that we may not have handled well - right?!?! Hmmm... Then there is my internal wiring where my gut is telling me that this guy posing on Twitter is full of poo!

Either way, I realized I have a lot invested here in trying to connect with a person that gets paid to entertain. His body of work and all of the characters he's played doesn't really tell me shit about his true personality, nor how he'd choose to treat fans! I was a little misguided on the quick interviews and fan interaction as seen on YouTube.

I think I really need to step back and keep things in perspective. Whether or not this was Michael Ealy, doesn't change the fact that I've enjoyed his work and in my personal life he served as a form of entertainment. I hope during his promotion for his movie Think Like A Man and upcoming show Common Law he confirms whether or not he really is a part of the social media, specifically Twitter. Most importantly, even if this was the real dude, I cannot take this personally. If it was the real Michael Ealy then kudos to him for mastering his skills in his profession...he was successful in 'acting' like an ass!

Overall, I continue to remind myself that peeling through it all, I truly have a happy life and will continue to make every effort to live life great! 

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  1. awwwh, it may not have been the real guy.


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