Emotional Rollercoaster

From time to time, I get so frustrated! Today, on Resurrection Day, I feel bad admitting out loud that I felt this way. I mean today is suppose to be a sacred celebration of our Savior rising from the dead after His crucifixion. We're suppose to feel the hope of a new life, everlasting life, after our earthly death. Yet, on this day, I managed to ride an Emotional Roller Coaster...description borrowed from the lovely and talented Vivian Green.

The theme started off with whining and complacency...both I’ve been guilty of participating in, but it wasn’t me today.  Having this theme run in parallel with the guilt of not going to church today and forgetting about the Easter egg hunt, resulted in a crying session alone in my room :-(  I felt like I failed my little girl, since she still believes in the Easter bunny.  Then, I was mad at my other half because he’s a man...LOL!  Sidebar: Ya’know, it’s astonishing how this man grew up in a house full of woman, and still cannot foresee female emotion.  I convinced myself that after knowing each other for almost 18 1/2 years and married 17 of those years, at a minimum, he could foresee what was going to happen today.  In hindsight, maybe he’s the one that should be astonished that I haven’t figured out that guys cannot foresee female emotion?!?!  Anyway, that’s a topic for a different day. 
In all fairness, we just got back from vacation the night before...which by the way was a GREAT time away and well spent together.  Yes we were tired from traveling/driving.  Thank God we cleaned the house before we left (tip I learned from my mother), so all we needed to do was unpack, shower and eat dinner.  I started laundry and was able to settle down pretty quickly afterwards.  Neither of us gave any thought to going to church the next day, which is reasonable.  I don’t feel like I have to make appearances to prove anything to anyone, God knows my heart and my spirit.  But the defining moment was the two of us failing to get in contact with the Easter bunny for the Easter egg hunt.  My daughter woke up this morning with two things on her brain: 1) To put on her new Easter dress for church and 2) Participating in an Easter egg hunt.  I’d bought her a new dress, like we do every year, and by all accounts, this girl is regimented.  When we break from routine, whether it be daily, weekly, or yearly, it’s something else.
Needless to say, she was OK with wearing her new dress around the house and missing church, but all bets were off with the Easter egg hunt.  In an instant this little girl felt so disappointed, which broke my heart.  Thereafter, her emotion shifted to anger, which broke my sanity.  This resulted in my own mini meltdown in which I cried in my room alone for a few minutes.  I can’t believe I forgot about the Easter egg hunt!  
Fast forward, while consoling my daughter, magically the Easter bunny stopped by and left eggs for her to find at the house (outside).  The other half came through and sneaked away to get the ‘special’ eggs with the kiddie stuff inside.  By the time I got her to be in a forgiving place, my husband surprised her with the news of his meeting with the Easter bunny outside.  On some level, the deceit goes against what we’re truly suppose to be celebrating, but at this point, she still believes and it worked.  So, all of our moods/spirits were now happy and calm.  
Shortly after, one of my girlfriends called to check in with me and wish me a Happy Resurrection Day.  That was a perfect opportunity to pull away from my environment - just for a little while, it’s allowed.  She’s a sweetheart and it was nice to speak to her for about 1/2 hour and get some girl-talk in...by the way, we’ve now grown our Girls Night Out for the movie ‘Think Like A Man’ to a party of 4.  And she still gives me grief for being mad at Michael Ealy (or the one she thinks is a fake on Twitter).  For the record, I don’t know Michael Ealy personally, so I cannot be mad at someone I don’t know.  I was just disappointed in my interaction on Twitter...I felt as one of his biggest fans, who appreciates his talent first and looks second, to have somewhat of a connection to learn a little bit about his personality, I wasn’t impressed.  He’s no longer my friend in my head, but the man can act (period).  I’m glad his star is shining brighter, as I’ve always thought he was under rated and objectified by woman especially.  But it’s all good...life goes on :-)  That Romany Malco is growing on me every time I see him in another interview ;-)
Sidebar: Speaking of Romany Malco, tonight I read a tweet that made me chuckle...someone tweeted asking him why he was no longer on Showtime’s Original Series Weeds.  His reply was because he got fired for not pulling out during a sex scene...LOL!  It still makes me chuckle.
Anyway, I got a little more  talk time when my Mom called.  Love her SO much!  As I grow older and get more mature, I'm glad I have her in my corner.  She's a smart lady and is always interested...love that!

I am back to work tomorrow...I think I’ll work remotely, so I can spend the first 2 1/2 hours, without interruption, going through a week's worth of emails and responding, updating my calendar and follow ups.  I have to finish prep work for the vendor coming in next week.  I’m excited to take on the role of overseeing their BPMN on a few of our business processes.  That should be pretty fun, but a lot to finalize this week so they hit the ground running on day one.  The only thing that's getting in my craw is the fact that the vendor is still pushing to do a survey with the business on the first day.  I'm not 100% against it, but I really think it's going to negatively impact our business partners’ perception of what we're trying to accomplish...idk?!?!  I'll have to polish up a few of my handouts, and meet with my team for a walk through, so all are on the same page.  I hope while I was out, the SOW is squared away...procurement ~sigh~
Anyway, back to reality tomorrow...no bees, no honey; no work, no money :-)
...making every effort to live life great! 

Thanks for reading!

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