Grateful for the Day

I’m finally getting a chance to have a little time to wind down this evening.  I felt like I’ve been on the go all day.  The ride down here was really long...I admit, long trips (driving) on the road with a kid is not always fun.  You’d think that all the technology we have today to engage our kids would keep them occupied for a trip like ours.  Well, I was wrong - again!  Between our little girl asking us every 15m, “...are we there yet?...” and the meltdowns of being too hot, too cold, hungry, bored...uhhh!  My patience was stretched thin and I was slightly cranky when we arrived.  
As we began to unload the car, I quickly transitioned to my happy place.  The sun was shining, the temperature was in the high 70s, there was a slight breeze, and our condo was beach side.  Looking around, there were many people checking in at the same time.  We all had the same expression on our face...vacation mode!!!  It’s going to be gratifying to just be, relax, bond with the family and most importantly, enjoy myself!  
In the elevator on the ride up to our floor, our little girl quickly began asking if she could change to go to the beach.  I love the simplicity in our children and the view from their eyes.  When does life get so complex?  Once we got to our room, I sent my husband and daughter out, so I could get the chance to unpack and organize.  The view from our room is beautiful.  It’s something about the water that’s calming.  In that moment I decided that I liked it here already.
Tonight there are still people walking on the beach, even at this hour.  I see a couple writing something in the sand.  There is another couple walking hand in hand.  And there is a group of young people smoking, talking loudly, and laughing without a care in the world.  Ah to be young :-)  Sometimes, I wonder if I’m jealous...hmmm!  Nah!  
Our first full day tomorrow, we do not have anything planned, other than beach/pool time.  Somewhere in there, I plan to take a nap and of course, we’re going to do dinner out.  Before our stay ends, I will be cooking a meal or two.  There was a special request for my Spaghetti w/Meatballs.  I have to comply, don’t want to disappoint the little one...after all, she is on vacation too.  
I am grateful to be here with the two most important people in my life...and this view overlooking the beach is so beautiful.  Looking forward to the rest of our time here together :-)
...making every effort to live life great! 

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