Motherhood Aint Easy


This week has been pretty tough for me.  Right now my daughter and I are in a weird space.  Sometimes I feel like she just doesn't like me!  It hurts my spirit when I hear her tell me that she doesn't want me to read her a bedtime story, to pick her up from school, or to take her to swim lessons to name a few.  I know she loves me...

Part of my daughter's frustration is as a result of the boundaries we've set as parents.  Like any child, she has tried to push the any parent, we've had to stay strong and consistent.  This week my patience has worn thin; and a couple of times I have reacted by raising my voice...not my preferred method.

The one thing that confuses me in all of this???  I'm the parent that is the recipient of the anger.  My daughter loves her Dad and he can do no wrong.  On the rare occasion where she is upset with him, it's not long.  Sometimes
 I resent it, but I can't let it consume me.  I have to remember that it's not a competition to get the "I'm the Parent My Kid Likes the Most" award.  My job as her mother is to make sure I...set a foundation, support her in her development to function in this world, encourage her to live life, help her learn how to be secure, teach her the importance of being articulate, and teach her the ability to cope.  In the interim, all I want now is for her to make her bed and clean her room without whining or throwing a tantrum.
Like always, I reset my zero every morning and tell myself that I will be a better wife and mother today. And by that, today we went roller skating.  It was a nice way to do something together and have a little fun.  

Sidebar: I definitely got a workout today.  And I was less than graceful rollerskating.  I haven't done it in so arms were flying in the air, I almost fell, etc.  I did not keep it cute today, BUT I did have a great time with my daughter.  

In our 3 hours of skating, only one tantrum, but after I whispered in her ear, it was short lived - she got herself together and we moved forward. of the toughest jobs I've ever had.

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