Think Like A Man

Well the romantic comedy Think Like A Man got a lot of hype, and in my opinion it did not disappoint!  The movie is based off of Steve Harvey's book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.  I thought this was a very strong cast, with characters that were well defined.  The progression of the overall plot was timely and all story lines were believable.  I was impressed with the funny, and thought it showed an authentic depiction of relationships.  I also thought the narration, along with injecting Steve Harvey’s commentary throughout the movie to help interpret parts of his book was done well.  For those of us who didn't read the book, it kept me up to speed so I could follow the plot.  

First and foremost let's bow down to my new girlfriend in my head: Ms. Regina Hall!  I connected with her character the most.  I thought her portrayal of Candace, a single Mom getting back into the dating scene, was authentic and believable.  I appreciated her performance and thought she did a phenomenal job!  

No surprise, Taraji P. Henson delivered...but we already knew she would, right!  Both in this film and in real life she reps for the strong women out there!  As often seen on her Twitter timeline here’s to you Taraji ~> muah!
OK, breathe.  Mr. Michael Ealy, phew!  Sidebar: The man is just delicious, lol!  As far as his talent, there is no doubt he came through with his performance as Dominic.  I could relate to his character's struggle in the movie and appreciated how the relationship with Lauren ultimately strengthened his resolve.  I thought they got it right, both in the writing and the execution of this storyline.  It bears repeating, Michael Ealy can act, period.  Nicely done!

Romany Malco is a cutie!  Sidebar: The scene when he's not wearing a shirt, showing off his abs [pause] that’s what’s up!  I regret not paying attention prior to this performance...I pledge to go back and catch up.  Through all of the interviews and promotions he’s done for this film, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he is genuinely funny!  He appears to have a personality and doesn’t seem affected...I really like that a lot.  In his portrayal of Zeke, he was a playa-playa, but I found myself rooting for him from the jump.  I know a couple of guys like he depicted in this film, and thought he did a great job!  We see you Romany!  
Short but sweet, no pun intended, Kevin Hart is funny!  I was worried that I'd seen too many previews with his funniest scenes.  Thank goodness I was wrong...he brought a LOT more funny!  
One of the biggest surprises, for me, was Jerry Ferrara.  I thought I wouldn't get past seeing Turtle (his role in HBO Series Entourage); however, he pulled me in...good job!  Another surprise was Gary Owens, much respect for representing the happily married.  Terrence J. was really good in his role as Michael.  I admit, I wasn't sure in one of his first scenes (bookstore), but by the end, I was a believer.

Meagan Good was VERY good in her role as Mya!  She even made me tear up during a specific part in the movie...the girl ROCKED!!!  And I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge one of our Queens, Jenifer Lewis.  She is an extraordinary actress in her own right.  I was so glad to see her as part of this project...she cracks me up!!!  

5 second blast:  Much respect to Gabrielle Union, Wendy Williams, and Lala...good performances!
I liked the movie!  If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out!!!  If you have, what did you think?  Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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