Tupac Resurrected (again?)

I got a chance tonight to watch the video of Tupac performing at Coachella.  He was in form of a Hologram.  My psyche was able to wrap my mind around it shortly after 1m:15s.  Up until that point, the video captured my undivided attention.  It kind of put me on edge, I guess because when first watching it, I was drifting into the ‘what if’ universe...

I miss Tupac.  In listening through some of his music in my mind, it brought up memories of the favorites, California Love, Dear Mama, How Do U Want It, Runnin’ (w/Biggie), Keep Ya Head Up, and yes, Hail Mary.  Tupac was definitely influential with his music ~ such a lyrical talent.  Sometimes I think, if he were alive today, who’s record would he most likely be featured on?  Or better yet, which artist would be trying to get featured on his record?
This has certainly stirred up emotion and sparked conversation.  A radio DJ asked his audience for their thoughts about the Hologram performance.  He followed up with the question surrounding whether or not one would pay for this type of concert/entertainment.  I don’t think I’d pay to watch a performance from a deceased artist as a hologram...it kind of creeps me out.  Then again, this has the potential to start a trend.  Before you know it, we’ll be desensitized to this too, and accept it as part of advancement in technology...and another form of making money.

Tupac died on September 13, 1996, as a result of injuries he sustained after being shot four times 6 days prior.
If you haven’t seen it, check it out below (courtesy of YouTube):

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