A Happy Mother's Day

Tonight, as the house gets quiet and my mind starts to settle for the evening, I am feeling so blessed and loved as a human being.  I am called many things, but today - I am so fortunate to have the experience of being called MOM.  I’ve read a few posts today, listened to an Internet show, and read a few tweets all on the topic of Mother’s Day.  This was the one thing I wanted for many many years before my daughter finally arrived.  The struggle we faced during those times will be for another post one day, but today I reserve this as a day to count my blessings and to reflect and appreciate just how lucky I am to be a Mom...

The last post I wrote I felt kind of down because I was struggling, like a lot of moms/parents, with my position in my family dynamics...feeling like I’m always the “fun spoiler” as described by my articulate six year old.  In tonight’s post, I hope to translate the joy I’m feeling in my spirit.
My Mother’s Day, really extended into a Mother’s Weekend.  Yesterday, my husband and I traveled to NYC to see the Broadway play, A Streetcar Named Desire.  Sidebar: The play starred Blair Underwood, Nicole Ari Parker, and Wood Harris.  I appreciate a great story and by all means, this play falls into that category.  The acting was phenomenal, and I have a new found respect for the skill-set Nicole Ari Parker has developed over the years.  I was really impressed with what she brought to the role as Blanche.  Her dialect was awesome, she was funny, passionate, and most importantly believable.  My only criticism is more so on the storyline and its transition into Blanche’s breakdown...I felt I was missing a key element that provided clarity into the choices made for her life.
Anyway, it was nice to have a day out on Broadway!  Afterwards, we ate in the city, walked around, and even got a little shopping in.  My husband even picked out something snazzy for me to wear on our date to the Capital Jazz Fest this year...the day was so pleasant and felt good!  We didn’t bicker, but I did manage to embarrass us by yelling “Go Caps” in front of Madison Square Garden...the thing is, it was the final game between New York Rangers and Washington Capitals.  I found the reaction pretty amusing...some things never change.

As with Mother’s Day, over the last six years, I get well wishes, cards, flowers, phone calls, a date, and sometimes a couple of hours for a spa treatment.  It always warms my heart and makes me feel loved...which is a common experience we’d all like to have/feel.  But tonight, I think this has been my best Mother’s Day yet...

It began today, with a long chat with my Nana.  She is thee matriarch of our family and in a few short weeks, she’ll be 91 years young.  It feels good when I get a compliment from my Nana on our parenting skills.  She comes from the old school, but nevertheless, respects our direction on this parenting path.  I also got to speak with my Mom today too.  As a mother of my own daughter, I really am appreciative of my Mom.  The evolution of our relationship is powerful...God is so good!  

By this afternoon we were spending time with my Mother-in-law.  She is so loving and afforded us the opportunity to have this weekend by watching our daughter.  The day was was well spent and it always makes me smile to see my daughter’s grandmother light up when she visits.
What capped off the night...after being asleep for about a 1/2 hr, my daughter woke up to bring me another Mother’s Day gift she’d forgotten...it was hidden in her closet.  Half asleep, she brings me the gift and says, “...here Mommy, Happy Mother’s day again.”  The gift was wrapped and folded with ribbon.  In it was a nice picture she made with flowers, and a book she made called, All About My Mom.  Sidebar: My first thought was that my baby is showing all of the inner workings of a true artist...she’s a creative spirit.  Then I came back to the present and stayed present in the moment ;-) In this book, my daughter knows my favorite color, one of my favorite meals, likes when we play board games (favs are Connect Four and Monopoly) and really likes when I download some of her tunes (i.e. Kidz Bop).  

The thing that had the most impact tonight was that she awoke from a sound sleep and felt an importance of giving me the gift right then and there.  It was one of the most endearing moments from this child I’ve ever experienced.  In that moment I not only felt like she loved me, but I felt like she liked me.  It really touched my heart and I felt like thee luckiest Mom...and it gave me reinforcement - that I am doing something right...thank you Lord!

Thanks for reading!

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