Jessica Tata Faces Trial

Recently, I read an article on the Jessica Tata trial.  This is the story about the day care provider that allegedly went shopping, at Target, while leaving seven children (age ranges from 16m - 3y) inside the home unattended.  Unfortunately, a fire started and four of the children were killed.

Like many, I had an emotional reaction to this story.  I can't imagine why anyone would think it would be OK to leave young children, especially in that age range, in a house alone.  Not to mention, this was a day care provider where parents entrusted the lives of their children with this woman.  While I'd like to believe that this woman wouldn't have intentionally wanted to harm these children, all rational goes away just for the mere fact that she left them alone to go shopping!

This story angers heart and prayers go out to the parents of these children.  As a working parent, I can relate to the quest in finding adequate care for your child.  Although I've personally gone through a lot to interview, visit, and select a place to care for our daughter, there is still a level of trust that has to be given.  The same level of trust also applies when our children are left in our schools, churches, and after school still takes a village. 

How do you feel about this unfortunate story?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. As a follow up to this story, Jessica Tata Sentenced To 80 Years For Texas Day Care Fire...see the full story at the Huff Post Crime:


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