Heart's Desire: Birthday Girl 2012

Hula GirlAs with every year, I plan my daughter's birthday event.  This year we celebrated with a Luau, which included a Hula Dancer!  The girls had a lot of fun learning about culture, including instruments/learning to hula and having their names translated to Hawaiian names.  They looked SO cute in their grass skirts, leis, and flowers.  It warmed my heart when my baby jumped up in the middle of the party to run over to me and give me a BIG hug and said, "Thank you!"

My 2 favorite projects for the event were:
Fruit Platter
Fruit Platter
Cake Pop Stand
Rotating Cake Pop Stand
(I made the cake pops too)
I already have ideas in my head for next year, but the little one is getting old enough to give input and ideas of her own on how she'd like to celebrate...I can't wait to see what we come up with!!!

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