SWAV: Dr. Steve Perry

The first individual I'd like to highlight for the SWAV series is Dr. Steve Perry.

Who is Dr. Steve Perry?
This brother captured my attention during an episode of "Save My Son" on TV One.  The show is a documentary on his fight for young black men who fell victim to poor choices and bad influences.  By the end of the episode, I was moved.  Although I do not have a son, the show resonated with me as a parent.

Dr. Perry is also the founder and principal of Capital Prep Magnet School in Hartford, CT.  The school was opened in 2004 and has sent 100% of its low-income first-generation graduates to four-year colleges. You can also see him on CNN as a contributor.

What is Dr. Steve Perry's charge?
Dr. Perry has a strong passion and desire for our community to have access to school/education.

Where can I find out more about Dr. Steve Perry?

Why does Dr. Steve Perry inspire me?
Dr. Steve Perry inspires me because of his passion and love for our children.  He produces positive change by his work to build/transform our communities through education, love, access, and accountability.

Dr. Steve Perry is a Soldier With A Vision...so SWAV!

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