Wander Through Wednesday: 11.28.2012 Going from Specific to Random Thoughts

Today I’m going to have a very long day.  After work I’m volunteering, for a couple of hours, at the school’s Book Fair.  It’s always an exciting time, plus I get bonus points with my lil’ one for being present.  I love this age (7 yrs. old) because she still likes to see me show up at school.  Last month, I rec’d the warmest welcome when I walked into her classroom as the Mystery Reader.  I felt like a rock star...LOL!

I’m celebrating that I’ve crossed off two items on my "Implementation List"...this is my list of TO DO as it relates to my transformation.  

I’m listening to my nutritionist.

I began my "21 day" Clean the Clutter Challenge...20 days to go.

I’m SO looking forward to my nephew’s 2nd Birthday Party!  He is such a cutie!

In looking at my Twitter handle, I came up with an acronym that reminds me of my worth: @DanielleASB = Able Significant Blessed.

I know REALLY smart women!

I have a draft post for the next individual in my SWAV series...coming soon.

I shared the title of my novel with someone and they hated it...I love honesty!!!

I’m relieved that I not only have all of my PDUs for this cycle of my PMP certification, but I have a number of PDUs that’ll roll over to the next cycle...yaaay!

My throat has been scratchy and I’ve been coughing lately...sigh.

I have had this Netflix movie on my kitchen counter over a month.

I have to make an appointment to get my daughter’s passport renewed.

I think Alex Bennett is funny!

I listen to Kem’s music when I’m writing...love his music!!!

Enjoy your day...

Thanks for reading!

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