Reflections of a Blogger Mom-preneur in Transformation

For those of us that have encountered personal impact, it extends into your ‘norm.’  Over the last year, I’ve experienced a lot of change both personally and professionally.  I’ve challenged my assumptions and idea of what a wife, a mother, a working professional, a blogger, and a new entrepreneur.  While I’ve always been someone who embraces self-development, it’s incredible to realize, reflect on and recognize the level of change and maturity.

This year of personal celebrations include: 17 years of marriage (we’re still smiling/laughing a lot), 12 girlfriends & a party bus on my birthday, a transition into mothering a 1st grader, and a quiet Christmas to name a few.  While it saddened me, I’ve had to downgrade a couple of friendships...BUT, I made new connections with very smart, driven, and positive people...and in the process discovered new mentors.  I SO feel like I’m beginning to live on purpose

This year has also been another year I’ve been blessed to watch my daughter blossom.  Looking at her Fall school picture, she’s definitely morphing into quite the young lady.  Sidebar:  I have a concept in my head for a scrapbook page to capture her growth.  Anyway, she’s asking smarter questions, learning how to express herself, is very articulate, and definitely learning the art of proud - LOL!  She’s been described by her teachers as a thinker, independent and confident...all great qualities.  It is my prayer that I continue to nurture her in a way that will aid in her happiness/success in the world, while also teaching her ways to develop tools to cope with disappointment...parenting is hard work!

There are many ideas running around in my head that I’ve began to structure, organize, and prioritize.  As with any individual development plan, going into 2013, I’ll continue to focus on what produces the most benefits to my family, my career, and my business.  I’m excited!!! 

How about you...would you like to share a reflection of 2012?  What would you like to see for you & your family in 2013?  I'd love to read about it in a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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