Wander Through Wednesday: 12.5.2012 Going from Specific to Random Thoughts

I have been on information overload over the past few months.  This week as I make my way over the hump, I can’t help but feel a little stressed.  I’ve taken a couple of webinars, a tele-seminar, courses, and doing a lot of reading and researching.  I’m feeling a little exhausted; however, I will muster up the energy to celebrate an add’l item crossed off my ‘Implementation List’...transforming! 

Random thoughts for today (12/5/2012):
  • My Christmas card list, while it has only grown by one person this year, I’m still on target to have it 100% done by next week.
  • My daughter was invited to a birthday party the day after Christmas, late afternoon?!
  • I’ve gotten more sleep at night as a result of our pediatrician giving us a simple tip.  When/if my daughter feels like she needs to get in our bed, she’ll take her sleeping bag and place it next to our bed on the floor (vs. getting in our bed).  Over the past week, she’s only come into the room twice...progress!
  • I hope I exhaust all of the funds in my Flex Spending Account for this year.
  • My heart is heavy for Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher's 3 month old daughter. 
  • BET's Don't Sleep is really good programming!  I think they need to work on the demographics (and maybe move it to a different night), but the content of the show is educational and of great quality.  As a viewer, I'm excited that when it's on - it's for an hour.  BUT, it's down to airing one night a week...hmmm!
  • I read a top 10 list of the most common mistakes writer's make...I make half of what was on the list.
  • Yesterday, I spent most of my day writing USE cases and mapping out ETL Exception Handling processes...I know ~ yaaawwwn!

Enjoy your day...

Thanks for reading!

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