Wander Through Wednesday: 1.16.2013 Going From Specific to Random Thoughts

As a parent, we are responsible for our little people and their navigation through the world.  My goal (shared with my husband of course) is to raise our kid with minimal scars; and ultimately prepare her for the world.  In my short time as a parent, I’ve learned many things about discipline, consistency, and the art of “picking and choosing my battles...”  I’ve also come to the realization that I do not have to find a teachable moment in every single event in my daughter’s life...sometimes it’s OK to ‘let it be.’

That said, my random thoughts for today (1.16.2013):
  • Showtime’s House of Lies returned to the airwaves this past Sunday.  I was a little confused with the first episode of the new season?!  But, I'll stick with it until I can't because I'm a Don Cheadle fan!  Also, to my surprise, Ms. Nia Long will appear in the new season.  I’m not only looking forward to what she brings to the show, but what the season will bring altogether.
  • On talk radio this week, a family member shared a couple's story of being $450K in student loan debt.  The couple both serve in the teaching profession...the husband holds a doctorate and the wife holds a master's degree.  *WOW*
  • I’m preparing for a long work week - beginning next week...I’ll engage in a vendor selection process.  I’ll definitely take advantage of the long weekend.
  • At the age of 7, my daughter is experiencing the complications that often comes in relationships with other girls.  It breaks my heart that she sometimes feel excluded.  It’s tough...and makes Mama Bear a little angry.  BUT, like with all other challenges in our lives, we'll work through it!
  • When a business is a monopoly in their industry, the customer service has the potential to degrade.  I’m SO not happy with a certain satellite radio company lately...grrr!
  • One of my favorite stories this week, thus far, was a man hiring a virtual assassin to kill his son's online character because of the amount of time he spent playing the game (vs. looking for a job).
  • I'm SO learning a lot on leasing commercial property...OMG!  Thank goodness for lawyers!!!
  • My husband celebrated his birthday last weekend...the only gift he wanted was the gift of being able to do nothing and watch football...and ice cream from the ‘Frostie Moose.‘  We honored his wishes and he was a happy camper...pretty cute!
  • I’m still cracking up over Kenya’s  (RHOA) performance a few weeks ago when she said, “...I’m Gone with the Wind fabulous!”  and the visual of her twirling with a snap.  Too funny!
  • I’m planning for our Valentine’s Day play-date we have every year.  Look out for the creative activity post...coming soon.  In the interim, check out an inexpensive gift idea for a birthday girl.  Be sure to leave a comment, I’d love to read your thoughts.

Enjoy your day... 

Thanks for reading!

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