Heart's Desire: LEGO Party

My daughter had an opportunity to get reacquainted with LEGOs, when she attended her friend's birthday party with this themeWhat was really special about the party is that the company that hosted the party brought laptop computers.  The computers were used in the process to aid the kids in not only building a LEGO robot, but creating a mini-program to make it run.  How KEWL!

The process was not only kid friendly, but it was age appropriate.  The kids worked in pairs, and read instructions on their own as they assembled the LEGO robot.  It was really nice to see their teamwork and ownership of their project.  For my daughter and her teammate, they built a Soccer Goalie.  Needless to say, the kids really enjoyed it.  Once the programs were finished, it was pretty exciting watching all of the robots work.

The Mom of the birthday girl carried the LEGO theme for the birthday cake.  Using mini-cake pans, she baked the cakes and frosted them using different colors.  She added matching color M&Ms on the top of the cakes to make the cakes look like LEGOs.  The cakes were creative and worked well with the theme, and they tasted pretty sweet!

As a Mom who plans themed birthday parties, I thought that the party included the basic elements every party should have.  The party was educational, engaging, fostered teamwork, and enhanced the kids' motor skills.  Most importantly, the party was a whole lot of fun!!!  Watch the finished products in action below:

'Soccer Goalie' LEGO Robot

'Cheer Crowd' LEGO Robot

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