Reasons I Chat with Other Moms

Over the weekend, I was able to participate in an online Mom chat Twitter party.  I enjoy connecting with these women and reading their blogs.  It’s a fun way to spend an hour of my time each week.  Equally as important are the Mom chats I have with my friends live face-to-face.  During these chats, we incorporate meals and/or chocolate desserts.  Lots of fun!

There are many reasons I continue to chat either online or in person with my Mom friends.  Here are a few of my top reasons: 
  • To make new friends.
  • Share ideas and tips on parenting, recipes, scrapbooking, etc.
  • A great way to relax and unwind with friends.
  • Connect with a community of women who love their families and lives.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh...when I’m around friends, I love that we can laugh a LOT!
  • A way to stay in touch.
  • I enjoy it!

The reasons I listed could easily apply to my friends who are not Moms.  However, what I appreciate about my 'Mom' friends, is the honest discussion about those moments we sometimes dread talking about in public.  These include bath times, approaching the 'tween/teen' stage, being competitive with other parents, trying to have it all (learning the wisdom that you may not have it all at the same time), and yes, the Mommy meltdowns - to name a few.  What I've learned is that we have more in common than we do differences.  Connecting with other Moms is one really exciting way to gain support you need from others experiencing the same.

How about you?  Do you invite friends over for a get together?  Do you participate in online chats, if so which one?  More importantly, why do you do it?  Please share in a comment below.

Enjoy your day... 

Thanks for reading!

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