SWAV: Jeff Johnson

In 2013, Jeff Johnson is the first individual highlighted in the SWAV series.

*Update (March 2016): 

The Intersection no longer exists on BLIS.FM.  Follow Jeff on Twitter and Periscope for details to catch The Intersection on its new platform.  

Who is Jeff Johnson?
Jeff Johnson is an active leader in our community.  As a motivational speaker, an investigative journalist, and a political correspondent, Jeff is a fundamental voice of change.  Serving as one of the hosts on, The Intersection - BLIS.FM, Jeff facilitates an open dialogue on entertainment, news, and politics.

When I read the profile on his Twitter page, it reads, "Servant and Soldier."  As seen on his website, Jeff is a socially conscious voice empowering our urban communities.  He challenges us to build/create solutions to resolve systemic social imbalances and inequalities.

You can hear Jeff on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show | Live on Periscope every Tuesday and Thursday at 8am, EST. 

Jeff also leads the Manhood Legacy Prayer [M-F 7:00a - 7:15a] where he brings brothers together around the core values of healing, accountability, growth and legacy.  Follow #manhoodlegacyprayer to see what these men are sharing in our community.

What is Jeff Johnson's charge?
Jeff serves to increase urban community awareness of social challenges and create change.  He accomplishes this through direct community service offering our youth opportunities to engage in constructive dialogue.  Jeff helps foster our young minds in the development of leadership skills, business acumen and building strong professional networks.

Where can I find out more about Jeff Johnson?
Visit here: Jeff's Nation and Jeff Johnson Twitter page

Why does Jeff Johnson inspire me?
Jeff Johnson inspires me because he uses his platform to weigh in on topics of relevance to our community.  He is passionate in civic engagement and community service.  He captures our young people's attention and challenges them to be their best self in an effort to make our communities better.  

Jeff Johnson is a Soldier With A Vision...so SWAV!

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