Shifting My Behavior to Reduce Stress

In 2013, part of my Individual Development Plan is to manage my stress level.  I want to shift my patterns of behavior that will aid in reducing my stress oppose to adding to it.  This includes being able to recognize those things, people and/or situations that triggers stress.  I want my mind, body, and soul to be enriched and ready to take on this year as I transition into my new role as an entrepreneur. 

I read an article recently that offered tips in learning, “ to spot and change bad habits to cultivate more joy, peace, and calm each day.”  The article lists factors that causes stress, enabling the reader to quickly recognize them in an effort to manage them before they cause harm.  Out of the 8 factors they named, I’m definitely impacted by more than half of them.  As a result, I’m going to make it more of a priority to shift my behavior and reduce my stress level.  How?  Well, I’ll start with the following:

Turn off the TV more than 30m before going to sleep 
One of my biggest distractions is TV.  While I enjoy a lot of programming (some good, some bad), I’m going to make more of an effort to shut the TV off earlier.  This will let my mind and body wind down a lot better, as well as help me get to sleep faster.

Get more sleep 
As an extension of the bullet above, I’m committing to getting more sleep.  Operating on 5 hours of sleep just isn’t working for me anymore.  It’s leaving me sleep-deprived and some days I become more sensitive to minor issues.

Stop dieting and focus on being healthy 
I’m not going to diet anymore.  My focus is going to be on my health and fitness (vs. losing weight).  With that said, I’m going to continue being active, including walking 4-5x per week.  I’m also going to continue to challenge my 7 year old in Wii’s Just Dance video game...we’ll bond, have fun, and exercise all at the same time.

Do not take on everything, ask for help 
I really have to work on this area.  Honestly, I don’t really think I can do it all on my own...that’s foolish!  I’ve asked for help in the past, and have been disappointed.  I’ve also asked for help and have been grateful for that helping hand.  My goal here is to rely on my intuition and observation; and trust that I will ask for help - sooner.

Set aside time for me
Time to myself is very much valued.  Generally, I consider that time to be during my commute to/from work.  I once thought that was the only time I had to myself.  However, I know better; and began finding those times in the day for myself.  This includes mindful meditation and more bubble baths. 

Set aside time for worrying
Rather than worry about stuff all day long, I’m setting aside time each day to worry.  I’m going to commit to utilizing that time effectively, including assessing whether or not my worry is realistic.  Sometimes this will mean I will have to release control over uncontrollable things

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, in 2013, managing my stress level is a must.  My plan is to do this by self-care.  I have my mind made up to do it, and hope you do too.  What stresses you out and how do you plan on managing it in 2013?  I’d love to read about it in a comment below. 

Enjoy your day...

Thanks for reading!

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