Wander Through Wednesday: 2.6.2013 Valentine's Day Crafts


As I prepare to finish off the week strong, I'm planning for the Valentine's Day craft projects my daughter and I will do this year.  In past years, we've always had a lot of fun throwing a Valentine's play-date, inviting friends over to share in the love. I have quite a few new ideas for this year, but in the interim, check out a few of my favorites from the past:


  • The right Valentine's Day head gear gets your kids' mind in the right space for LOTS of creativity:

  • Using construction/card stock paper, scissors, crayons (or markers), glue, and a hole punch - easy to make - kids will enjoy their Valentine's Day finger puppet:

  • With lots of creativity, check out these Valentine's Day card ideas:

  • This special Valentine's Day card carrier will let your kid collect their cards and goodies in style:

  • This Valentine's Day, send your guests home with hugs and kisses - MUAH!:

How will you celebrate Valentine's Day this year?  Will you have a party, do crafts, make cards, bake cookies?  How about pink rice crispy treats (key ingredient = pink marshmallows)?  Whatever you decide, please share in a comment below...I'd love to read about it.  Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very cute ideas, thanks for sharing!


    1. We had a LOT of fun making them...thanks for visiting! Be sure to come back soon :-)


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