Heart's Desire: Valentine's Day Pencil Worm

My daughter is attending a different school this year.  As a result, we are adjusting to their differences, one includes their emphasis on health.  So as you can imagine, for Valentine's Day this year, we were not permitted to give out candy or cake goodies.  This encouraged my daughter and I to come up with a creative way to say, "Happy Valentine's Day" to her classmates.  We had a few ideas to choose from, but we settled on a Valentine's Day Pencil Worm.  Below, I share how we made them:

- Card stock paper (1-2 sheets, depending upon the number of students in the class)
- Pencil (preferably Valentine Day themed pencils)
- Hole Punch
- Edger (round edge)
- Markers (preferably Valentine Day colors such as red, pink, or purple)   
- Not shown in picture: Scissors - to cut strips

Cut card stock paper into strips and round the edges as show below:   

Use the marker to draw the eyes and smile on the strip.  Punch four holes into the strip, as shown.  The holes should be evenly spaced.  Once the holes are punched into the strip, use the color marker to decorate the pencil worm.  As you can see in the picture, we elected to draw hearts and a bow tie.

The final step is weaving the pencil in/out of the holes.  Start with the bottom hole and use an under then over movement...the pencil's eraser should land directly behind the face, as shown below.   Voila!  A cute pencil worm kids are sure to love!

What do you think of this quick and inexpensive way for your kid to say Happy Valentine's Day to his/her classmatesDo you have ideas you found just as simple/easy to put together?  What are they?  I'd love to read about it in a comment below.

Check out my Valentine's Day Crafts post for other Valentine's Day ideas.

Enjoy your day... 

Thanks for reading!

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