Bold. Courageous. RADICAL!

On 22 March 2013, I entered a building that was full of hope, dreams, and excitement for the future.  A room full of women who are mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, entrepreneurs, professionals, teachers, and students.  To these women in attendance, what an opportunity to get empowered, gain wisdom, network, and be surrounded by like minds.  Before it was over, participants were armed with information aiding them in their development and growth.  Not to mention, lots of laughs and a good time!  What an event to get connected with your purpose.  What an event to get clear on your vision.  What an event to do something called GET RADICAL!

Doreen Rainey held the 5th Annual Get Radical Conference 2013 in Reston, VA - right outside of Washington DC.  I [like many other women in attendance] was a ready, willing, and able participant - open to receive what was ahead.  This conference was definitely a positive environment produced to support women in both their business and personal development.  How happy am I to have learned of this conference through a tweet.  

Whether you held a VIP, Premier, or General ticket, there was a lot of value packed in the overall program.  Keynote speakers this year included the energetic health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels and the very popular motivational speaker Lisa Nichols...yes-YES!  We learned about money with Farnoosh Tarobi, and the power of a dream book to remind you of the life you want to live with Angela Jai Kim.  How funny was it to learn the first question Giuliana Rancic asked during a White House press conference; and that Judy Smith (the 'real' Olivia Pope) really wears a white [cream] trench coat.

Following either the personal or business development track, the breakout sessions were very educational.  Choosing the topics most relevant to you, one would've heard Jennifer Kem share nuggets about establishing your brand, while Jennifer Abernethy shared tips on the power of social media.  The breakout sessions were led by women who are experts in their field; and they most definitely offered tools and techniques to enhance your life and/or business.

The Radical Award ceremony certainly was a highlight of my experience.  Hearing inspirational stories of women clear on their purpose and vision moved me.  As a military veteran myself, Jaspen Boothe's story really resonated with me.  She is the founder of Final Salute, Inc. where their mission is to provide homeless female Veterans with safe and suitable housing.  They believe in paying female Veterans with the proper respects due to them for the service they have provided to our country.

The 5th Annual Get Radical Conference was packed with tools, techniques, and guidance for women's personal and/or business growth.  It was inspirational, educational, and motivational, mixed with lots of fun!  As a result I truly believe I not only left more connected with my vision, but action steps to continue my build.  In my transformation I declare that I am bold, I am courageous, I am RADICAL!

Did you attend this year's Get Radical Conference?  Or have you ever attended a conference that helped transform you?  I'd like to know, so please share in a comment below.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. This was my first time attending the Get RADICAL conference and I was BLOWN AWAY! Seriously. My accountability posse and I are taking that leap!

    1. yes-YES! It was my first too. I really think it was put together well and I got a lot out of it. Less than one week after and I've already made 2 giant steps for my business! I'm excited!

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Make sure you come back soon.


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