I'm Doing Me...and Make No Apologies

One of the things I've learned as a Mom, is the importance of keeping my word with my kid.  My daughter is 7 years old now, and at this age they are really in tuned to action vs. intention.  So how bad do I feel on those Saturdays when I'm working long hours on events I'm planning for clients.  Or those days when I'm waiting for a vendor to call me back as we negotiate pricing.  While everything I do is for the betterment of my family, it's tough to explain to your child that Mommy had to work - when we were suppose to [fill in the blank].

Having experienced this one too many times, I decided to add this on my individual development plan for 2013 - in an effort to manage this a little better.  This includes reducing those surprises to my kid when I can't do something with her.  As a new entrepreneur, I've quickly learned that hard-work as an employee is much different than hard-work an an entrepreneur.  In my truth, I can at a minimum end my work day as an employee.  Starting up a business, is definitely very new for me.  Especially, those times when I forego the family bike ride, so I can finish up a proposal for a potential new client.  
Recently, I heard Judy Smith say that in her career and her business, she's always made time for her kids.  Even with her most urgent cases, that moment when she wanted to stay home to be that Mom to take the prom pictures of her kid, she did it and was unapologetic.  And her business is very successful, so much so, that she has not only been in business for over 20 years, she inspired the very popular television show, Scandal on ABC.  Yep, Judy Smith is the real Olivia Pope!
The work throughout my journey has shifted my fear and has given me more clarity on my own set of values.  Like my Mom for me, I stand as a great example for my little girl!  More often, I get a visual and see the woman I know I already am.  The fear of what people may think is shrinking and it's no longer outweighing the fear I feel if I don't do me.  That includes me as a wife, a Mom, and an entrepreneur.  What an opportunity for me to make a few of my own rules, including those times it's most important for me to, "...go home and take the prom pictures..."

With that said, I'm so excited about my weekend!  My daughter and I have planned a GNI (Girls Night In).  To start, we're baking oatmeal cookies to eat with ice cream.  We're going to watch one of her favorite movies, The Wiz.  Sidebar: Since my Dad gave her that movie a couple of years ago, I promise you we've watched it no less than 100 times!  Our night is also packed with applying our Avocado masks and giving each other a mini-mani/pedi.  During this time, everything else is scheduled on hold, and it's OK :-)  We're going to have a lot of fun...and I make no apologies!

Anyone else feel like they have to work hard to manage a work/life balance?  What techniques do you use?

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