5 Must Haves for the Perfect Princess Party: #2

Have you always wanted to throw your daughter a princess party?  If so, this post is for you!  As a Mom of a little girl (and friends with many Moms of little girls), I have the opportunity to plan pretty cool girlie parties.  These include Spa, Tea, Candy, Slumber and [a fave] Princess parties.  Giving flight to the imagination, what Mom wouldn't want the ability to share a connection and create [preserve] magical memories for their little girl?  Does this sound like you? [...then keep reading...]

There are an unlimited number of creative ideas to use when planning a princess theme party.  Whether you are planning on your own or hiring someone to help, there are must haves that will always enhance your presentation.  As a result, your princess and her friends are sure to have lots of fun and great memories to last a lifetime! 

Over the next 5 weeks, I'll share my experience and provide ideas that will help jump start your creativity.  Here are 5 Must Haves for the Perfect Princess Party:
1.  Tulle - every princess party decor must include tulle (preferably pinks and purples).  You can use tulle to go over doorways and chandeliers, as well as decorate tables and chairs.  It can also be used to build poms as part of the decor, including creating a simple backdrop for pictures.  Tulle is a surefire way to spruce up your decor and add to your overall presentation for the perfect princess party.

2.  Throne - what's a princess without her throne?!  Transform your princess' favorite chair into a royal throne on her special day!  You can cover the chair in her favorite color and add decorations using silk flowers, ribbon, and tulle.  When the birthday princess sits in her throne, it will certainly transport her to a magical kingdom for the perfect princess party.

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