Wandering Wednesday: 3.20.2013 My Random Thoughts

Happy Hump Day!  As I wander through this Wednesday, I've thought about a lot of things.  Here are a few thoughts I'd like to share today:
  • Soledad O'Brien is leaving her CNN Morning show, Starting Point. When I had the opportunity to watch her show, I enjoyed it.  I'm sure we'll see her in many other projects, a few of them to include her Black In America series for CNN.
  • During a conference call with my accountant (who by the way thinks he's funny), he asked me, "What do you call a cow on the floor?"  The answer,"ground beef." [sigh] It's a good thing that he makes his living number crunching.
  • One of my favorite stories of the week was a kid calling 911 after his parents told him to go to bed when he wasn't ready.  The way the police handled the situation was a teachable moment.  As a kid, I was smart enough to know better. Growing up in my household, I'd be too afraid to stay in the house waiting for the police to show up after a stunt like that...I can't be the only one,right?!
  • Recently, I'm noticing that my daughter has called me "Mrs. Mommy"...I believe it's a combo of addressing her Teacher "Mrs" and addressing me "Mommy."  I refuse to get a complex about this; and I choose to acknowledge that Teachers make an impact on our kids too.  We are fortunate that our daughter has a Teacher that makes such an impression.  Her Teacher has a positive influence, so much to where she subconsciously thinks about her, and it results in her calling me "Mrs. Mommy" :-)

  • I discovered a cool chocolate treat online.  I put together about a dozen of these treats for Valentine's day.  Welp?!  The thought of this was great.  I held my head high when looking at the finished product.  However, once the fill hardened, it became difficult to bite into it. I believe Chocolate-filled Strawberries are more enjoyable to eat as the chocolate begins to cool.
  • I get a kick out of the, "Liquid Gold Digger" commercial.  If you haven't had a chance to see it, check it out.
  • Another book to add to your library?!  Mr. Keith Sweat was on Wendy Williams a couple of weeks ago promoting his new 'relationship' book.  Steve Harvey, Tyrese, and now Keith Sweat are all experts on relationships?  Nevertheless, Keith Sweat is looking great...aging very well!  At the end of Wendy's show, he performed, "Make It Last Forever" [a classic Keith Sweat song].  He sounded the same and hasn't lost his touch.
  • One of my friends posted a picture of bacon roses.  For Valentine's Day I attempted to make them.  Lookout for a picture to post soon.
  • I'm excited to watch D.L. Hughley on this year's Dancing with the Stars...I'm a fan! [and no Maks this year?!]  

We're half way through the week, finish off the week strong...

Thanks for reading!
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