BIG Smiles

As we bounce into Spring, the weather is getting nice enough to spend more time outdoors.  Over this past weekend, we were able to get in a little exercise outside [bike riding].  How proud am I of my daughter as she reached another milestone?!  Yes, she is officially riding her bike without training wheels!!!  More importantly, she's riding her bike without her father or I holding on to the back of the bike seat running along side her.

Last Spring, we tried many times to have her ride her bike without the training wheels.  After a few attempts, we decided that she'd keep the training wheels on because she just wasn't quite ready.  It didn't mean that we wouldn't encourage her to try, but it had to be at her own pace.  Just like potty training, we knew she wouldn't wear the training wheels forever.  Like many other milestones, it's a matter of her developmental skills, confidence, and quite frankly an interest.

This time around, my daughter was the one who asked us to take the training wheels off.  She really thought that she could do it; and that was thee sign that she was ready.  It also didn't hurt that a couple of her friends are already riding two wheels  Whatever the one reason, or a combination of many reasons, she finally felt she was ready and was on a mission.

What a moment to see your child's face when they achieve something they set their minds on.  My daughter's face lit up and her smiles were SO big!  She kept repeating, "I did it Mommy, I did it!"  We were so much so that we stopped on the middle of the bike trail, gave high-fives, and did our happy dance!  This was a BIG deal, warranting BIG smiles, to honor a BIG achievement!  Woo-Hoo!!!

Do you remember when you're child began to ride a two-wheel bike without training wheels?  What did you do to celebrate?  I'd love for you to chat with me in a comment below.

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