Ice Cream Social 2013

Over the weekend, I was able to see another successful party come to fruition after planning an Ice Cream Social.  Spending two hours with seven - 7 year old girls can really wear you out!  But one of the things I love as a party planner is the energy these kids bring.  They are excited to socialize, they have a willingness to enjoy the moment, and they love Ice Cream!

As the Owner/Creative Director of Roar and Chatter Party & Play (Northern VA), we celebrate our children by providing a memorable fun-filled environment as they discover the Roar and Chatter of life.  In an effort to achieve these results, lots of planning occurs.  I believe the planning has to keep in alignment of being kid-friendly, and most importantly it has to be fun!  Both elements I feel were included for this event and I captured it below.

Weeks before the party, invitations were mailed.  Each girl received a custom made ice cream cone invitation similar to the cards below.

As the guests arrived, they walked upon the unique artistry of a precious 7 year old that wanted to add something more to welcome her guests...a giant ice cream cone portrait drawn with the magic of chalk, a long driveway, and a great imagination!

Once the guests went inside, they were able to see the great display of ice cream toppings.  From chocolate syrup to rainbow sprinkles, there was plenty for the girls to choose. 

Having a party filled of 7 year old kids, it's a must to have activities to keep them engaged. Using the shape of their hand and cardstock paper, I had the girls make/decorate their own ice cream cones with one of the assorted flavors (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Mint). The result was a melted ice cream look over the cone. The girls definitely enjoyed the activity, and spent time talking about it while enjoying their ice cream. 

Aside from picking/choosing the ice cream toppings, the girls loved their party favors.  Keeping with the Ice Cream theme, check out these party cute are they?!

The height of the party definitely was filled with not only roar and chatter, but lots of smiles.  It was so much fun for me to plan this Ice Cream Social; seeing it all come together, watching the girls have a great time!  Each girl had a blast and didn't want to leave.  This party was a great celebration of friendship and connection!

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