Rolling The Dice

I just realized for the month of April, I have not posted as frequently as I'd like.  There is much going on with planning parties, aligning my action with my business plan, and trying to maintain balance in general.  I'm in the midst of planning one of my biggest events yet; and I'm especially excited that I have an opportunity to hone in on my party planning skills.  After all, there is definitely a difference planning for 30 kids (vs. 8-10).

This year's end of school year celebration will follow a Carnival theme, leaving room for many cool games for the kids to play.  One of the games I am adamant in constructing is the dice game. There are many variations I've gone through during my planning, however, I have settled on one. The game will follow the standard board game of rolling the dice and moving the associated number of steps.

What's unique about this dice game, for our celebration, is that the game is a jumbo size version. The size of the dice will be around 10x10x10 (inches) and hopefully a hit with the kids.  They'll most certainly have to use both hands to roll the dice, so that'll make for cute moments and pictures...LOL!

I cannot wait for the kids to play this game.  I hope it's a big attraction!  My commitment to this game is a roll of the dice, both literally and figuratively!

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