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As we move into this week, remember that it is National Teachers Appreciation week.  Be sure to show appreciation to teachers all over the nation.  Personally, I think this is one of thee most important professions, because teachers are significant in the development of our youth in education.

This year, May 6th - 10th is reserved to celebrate our teachers.  As a Mom of a first grader, I have certainly seen the growth in my daughter's enthusiasm to learn and proud that she is reading close to a 3rd grade level.  My husband and I encourage our daughter to read, as well as show her by example (she sees us read).  However, I recognize and acknowledge the many tips and pointers my daughter's teacher has given us throughout the school year to not only keep her interested in reading, but advance her skill level.  Not to mention the influence this teacher has over our daughter...case in point, my daughter sometimes call me Mrs. Mommy.  I've accepted that she's use to calling her teacher's name throughout the day, 'Mrs. ..." and mixes it with, "Mommy..."

Over the next five days, my daughter and I will be expressing our gratitude for her teacher.  Each day, she'll present her teacher with a small gift as a way for us to say, 'Thank You!"  We're going to try to limit the craft projects as I'm sure receiving gifts from all of the students, while very much appreciated, can get overwhelming in trying to find the space to keep/store it all.  So we'll finish off the week with handwritten notes, supplies for the classroom, and perhaps a gift card for a latte.  Here are a few ideas we've already finished:

Apple Charm
Holder w/fruit
While we acknowledge National Teachers Appreciation week, let's not make this the only time to thank our teachers.  Throughout the remainder of this week use the '#thankateacher' pic (as seen in this post) for your profile pic on social media.  Throughout the remainder of the school year, whether it be to send our kids to school ready to learn or sending a small note to say, "...thank you", let's show an appreciation for our teachers.

Enjoy this ~1m video called "Teachers wear so many hats" (courtesy of NEA)...it's pretty cute!

What ideas do you have to appreciate teachers this week?

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  1. Teachers are the real unsung heroes of our time. Great post!! We had a luncheon for our teachers and each child brought them a flower. It's impossible to adequately thank them for the important and life changing work they do!
    Coming over from the SitsSharefest. Have a great weekend!

    1. I agree! It is impossible to adequately thank teachers for the work that they do. They often play other roles (i.e. parent/psychologist/nurturer) before they get to teaching. We've been so fortunate to have teachers that really LOVE what they do.

      Thanks for the visit! And look forward to chatting again on SITSSharefest :-) Have a Happy Mother's Day!


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