My Reflection of Me ... #WayBackWednesday

I recently found this picture of me waaay back when!  Looking at this young woman brings back so many memories.  On the surface and first thoughts, I see a pretty face with a beautiful smile...a cute style; and a very slim version of me!  While I don't remember every detail that resulted in this picture, what I do remember was a time of uncertainty, insecurity, heartbreak, passion, a lesson in self-worth and all that began that night as I embarked on a new life.

During this time, I was so naive and gullible...truth be told, my naïveté is still present, but it's more of a choice. Yes, as I mature, I've learned that being naive reduces the angst to fulfill expectations the world dictates for you.  On some level, it's freeing!

In this picture and in my world (at the time), my biggest challenges were:
  • Feeling conflicted with ending an engagement with "Mr. Right", after convincing myself that being his #1 wasn't enough...I was worth being the only one...
  • Discovering that my purpose was not OCS (Officer Candidate School)...
  • Adjusting and dealing in the reality, after a good friend (who happened to be a guy) shared his 'real' feelings for me...
Thank goodness I was so young I had the stamina and tolerance for crazy!  Reflecting on my journey from then to now, as I take another look at this picture, I still see the same as I described above.  However, I also see a young woman who was enlightened and ceased the opportunity to love herself more.  I see a young woman who felt empowered to change her circumstance, gain confidence and begin to walk her own path. Most importantly, I see a young woman who began her journey and started making adult decisions.  In my story, how blessed am I to have had it lead to a taste of success in Corporate America, transitioning into the fulfillment of being a Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur and Blogger.  Not only that, it's important to note that this picture also serves as proof that I was once a size reflection of me, gotta love it!!!

What about to share a #WayBackWednesday pic?  I'd love to see/read about it!

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