Wandering Wednesday: 10.2.2013 My Random Thoughts

Happy Hump Day!  As  I wander through this Wednesday, I've thought about a lot of things.  Here are just a few random thoughts:
  • Like many, I'm highly perturbed by the Government shut-down.  On some level, I think it's immoral; and it negatively affects people.  The Affordable Care Act should not have been tied to a new funding bill...in my mind they are not linked. Besides, didn't the 'people' already vote on this and have their say?!  Meaning, President Obama was elected and re-elected.  During his first run for President, affordable health care was part of his platform...the law has been passed.  
  • I like Arsenio Hall's style as it pertains to his monologue.  Especially the way he integrates his house band...pretty kewl!
  • I acquired two new clients and feel privileged to plan their special birthday celebrations!  There will certainly be plenty of Roar and Chatter™.
  • My workout routines have definitely stepped up over the past couple of months. My calendar is so colorful (I get a sticker from my daughter for every workout). I see my body changing and it feels good! #GettinMySexyBack
  • When you've been married for a long time, it's important that you show one another that you still love him/her like your life depended on it ... #IJS
  • My daughter's birthday party will have a SPA theme.  I'm SO stoked to use my new butterfly chairs...LOL!
  • The Fall season is amongst us...can't wait to visit Cox Farms.
  • Lately, Raheem DeVaughn has been on heavy rotation. #FavPlaylist
  • James Spader and Dylan McDermott both returned to TV on Monday nights...at the same time!  I'm a fan of both and believe they are incredible actors.  I have to DVR both shows because I'm unable to choose. #decisions
  • I've adopted a new mantra that is applicable to raising our 7 year old daughter, and it goes like this: "...correct choices bring personal freedom..." #ILoveMyKidEnoughToSetBoundaries
  • Favorite tweet of the week comes from Dr. Steve Perry (@DrStevePerry): "I'm often 'accused' of giving tough love. If you've ever been in love then you know that it is all tough." #truth ... check out why I find him inspiring here --> SWAV series featuring Dr. Steve Perry.
  • I need more sleep.  My roles as Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur alone takes so many hours of my day!  I'm working to be smarter about juggling it all. #IAmPrettyTired

Finish off your week strong...and don't forget to smile :-)

Thanks for reading!
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