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Spa party invite
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We CELEBRATE my daughter's birthday each year with a party (theme of her choice).  It's a mini-event I not only look forward to, but enjoy planning as well.  This year was no different and her party was SPA-taculiar!!!  A spa party theme with pink and zebra print accents, really girly, lots of pampering & relaxation, and most importantly tons of FUN! 

In addition to this year's birthday bash, I wanted to add another component.  Occasionally I seek out new lifestyle blogs to read. I found one where a Mom celebrated her son's 6th birthday online by posting 6 things she loved about him. I thought it was endearing and pretty neat to capture those thoughts…and I wanted to share my own version.  There are so many things I enjoy/love about my daughter.  With that said, for her 8th birthday (in no particular order), I'd  like to share 8 things I love about Desirae.

8 Things I Love About Desirae

  • Her laughter - no matter what I'm doing or feeling, when I hear her laugh, it makes me smile and warms my heart.  
  • Her enthusiasm of doing a full split - the further she progresses in gymnastics, the more flexible she's becoming.
  • Her love of her hair - this is important to me especially because she's a girl and I want her to be secure in her skin.  She also loves to try new styles and enjoys it most when it's out and curly.
  • Her repeated requests for her own set of house keys…this cracks me up!
  • How much she enjoys Girl's Night In - we camp out in the rec room, sleep in sleeping bags, eat popcorn while watching her favorite movie, "The Wiz"…I think we've watched that movie no less than 50 times.
  • Her pretty eyes/smile - she favors her Dad (who's really cute), but definitely has my smile…she's a cute little girl!
  • Her taste in television - she watches the kid shows on Disney yes, but she really loves 'Shark Tank' (likes Mr. Wonderful the best) and 'The Cake Boss'.  She's even asked if we could visit New Jersey to meet Buddy.  It's amazing how she's learned more about baking, including a request for me to buy pearl dust for our cake…lol!
  • How much she enjoys 'FUN' Fridays…no bedtime, no homework, extra TV time.

By no means is this a complete list, but just a small window into the desire of my heart!

Happy Birthday Desirae!!!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Aw, Happy Birthday! A Spa Party sounds wonderful!

    1. Spa parties are always a hit! I want to have one for my birthday :-)


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