I Survived My First School Trip Chaperoning Gig


My daughter's school sent home a form requesting volunteers for their field trip. After reading the form I decided that it would be a great way to not only spend a day with her and the class/teacher, but give me a view into the classroom world of my daughter.  So, I planned ahead and scheduled a day off from work.

I asked my daughter how she felt about me volunteering; and she was really excited!  I learned from a couple of my Mommy friends, with older children, that I should appreciate that feeling my daughter expressed.  They say it's because when she approaches Middle school, it may have the possibility of changing…lol!

While I've been a chaperone in the past for onsite and kid party events, it's a slightly different experience chaperoning out in the field.  This trip included traveling with approximately 20 students (per bus, 4 buses total) to a historic site 30m away.  For the most part the kids entertained themselves during the commute.  That was thee relief because once we got into the field, the challenge shifted a little for me.  

Overall, the field trip was planned with a purpose, especially the educational component.  I SO love our Teachers because they not only have a love for teaching our kids, but they help us parents too.  Each chaperone had a 'cheat sheet' for lack of a better term.  It helped us give the children key facts/details about the historic site, which impressed the students…somewhat!?  It was also fun to watch my daughter's face when one of her classmates told her, "…your Mom knows a lot!"  That definitely puffed out my chest and gave me confidence.

However, one element of the trip I learned that I wasn't quite prepared for was the bathroom break.  Meaning, when you chaperone the opposite sex, it's necessary to try and partner with a parent of the opposite sex.  I found this most important during our two bathroom breaks and found that the boys caused a little mayhem that I couldn't necessarily see to control.  They didn't do too much damage, but it would've definitely been nice to have the male chaperone take the boys.  This was the note I made in my head for the next time.

I had a great time as a chaperone and on the field trip altogether…I survived!  It was nice to interact with the teachers, other parents, and the students.  My daughter enjoyed my presence and was proud that I was a part of the trip.  She also got a kick out of the fact that I was able to take her home early (without penalty) once we returned.  

The icing on the cake was afterwards; kids in my group made thank you cards for me.  It was really nice and I look forward to the next trip!!!

Img of Thank You Cards

What's your experience as a chaperone?  I'd love to read about it in a comment, so please share.

Thanks for reading!

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