The Best Man Holiday

I was one of the many viewers in the audience that contributed to the $30.6 million dollar opening weekend of the well-anticipated movie, ‘The Best Man Holiday.’  This sequel to The Best Man (1999), written and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, revisited the lives of Lance (Morris Chestnut), Mia (Monica Calhoun), Jordan (Nia Long), Harper (Taye Diggs), Robyn (Sanaa Lathan), Quenten (Terrence Howard), Julian (Harold Perrineau), Shelby (Melissa De Sousa), and Candace (Regina Hall).  As these characters reunite for the Christmas holiday, we get another glimpse into the dynamics of their friendships intertwined with love, laughter, suspense, romance, and faith…10 years later. 

The storyline is crafted to start us off with a condensed view of the characters and their evolution, reminding us of what we loved about each of them.  Filled with Quentin’s humor, Lance’s faith, Jordan’s drive, and Shelby’s over-the-top personality, we were catapulted to current day - quickly drawn back into the romance, the comedy, and the drama…all delivered in 123 minutes. 

While there are fun moments all throughout the movie (ex. Morris Chestnut without a shirt, or the dance sequence by the lead men of the movie), what stood out to me most was the transition of the characters.  Each character was anchored in the root of which they portrayed in the first movie, with the exception of the character Candace.  Despite her profession, in the first movie I found Candace to be mildly sophisticated, educated and gentle.  So, I was very surprised to see how she managed conflict following the frenzy of activity.  While the acting talent of Regina Hall was remarkable, and believable, I thought her character would’ve had more options to articulate her point of view?!  Aside from that, I found the development of all the other lead characters consistent and true to the characters we met when first introduced back in 1999.

‘The Best Man Holiday’ is a movie that is emotionally charged, loaded with a healthy component of funny – which offers relief as the story unfolds.  The writing connected the events in the plot seamlessly…and the cast interpreted it beautifully!  The caliber of acting in this film was superb!  They showed range, keeping me engaged, connected and interested in what would happen next.  As a fan of the first movie in 1999, I appreciate the talent and the maturation of their story.  This is a great movie, and will definitely be added to my archive, once it’s out on DVD.

Sidebar: Pleasantly surprised by the cameos in the movie, the musical component not only was intentional, but it was appropriate and made sense.  

I applaud the writing, the directing, the acting, and overall package of ‘The Best Man Holiday’…it’s relatable, it's a great story, and it's a must see! 

What did you think of the movie?  Please share your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. I loved it! I see your point when it comes to Candace. In the first poem she was quoting Shakespeare and what not and now all of a sudden she gets ratchet! lol Well, like the said in the film..she was a stripper so obviously she's got a bit of fight to her! Please check out my review and let me know what you think!

    1. Thanks for your comments Melody! I picked up on how they repeatedly pointed out to Julian, "…you married a stripper…" I thought that was the director's way of reminding us or rather getting us to believe that she could get 'ratchet'…ya'know?! But, I don't know, I liked the notion of her being a little more sophisticated than we thought like they hinted in the first movie.

      Anyway, like you, I enjoyed the movie and hope everyone checks it out :-)

  2. You know, I haven't seen this, but I have seen the commercials...I had no idea that it was a sequel! I must have been in a cave or something when the first one came out, roflol.

    1. That's too funny! Yeah, the first one came out in 1999, so depending upon your age, you may not have had an interest way back then? Anyway, it was a great movie!

      Thanks for reading :-) Be sure to visit again!!!


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