Why I Like Being Married 2.0

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about marriage, more specifically, Why I Like Being Married (click on the link to view).  Months later, I run across the Happy Wives Club  and found a fit with the overall essence of being a happy wife.  I'm excited to contribute my thoughts through my post and hope you enjoy it.  To learn more and join us, click on the Happy Wives Club Blog Tour.

"Now approaching 18 years of marriage, I have enjoyed the ride with a great partner in life…how smart was I to agree to date a good man during a time I preferred the bad boy." 

Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club wrote a book about the best marriage secrets the world has to offer. They say the book is like “Eat, Pray, Love meets The 5 Love Languages.” I say the book is inspiring. You can grab a copy here.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for joining the Happy Wives Club blog tour, Danielle! I'm going to head over to your post on why you like being married. Although I seem to remember reading it earlier in the year. We'll see :).

    1. Well thanks for having the platform to share…I think it's a great thing! I'm visiting the other blogs too. It's pretty cool to see all the other stories that are being shared. :-)


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