It's A Girl Thing

For a couple of years, we've held out on the American Girl culture...the dolls of course. These dolls are costly; and after the initial purchase, the costs do not end.  It's a whole world of clothing, accessories, pets, and books.  Most importantly, there is an emotional draw with this brand.  As an entrepreneur, I admire the strong branding and marketing element this franchise has mastered.

Like many other Moms, I'm the chief purchasing officer in our family.  And no way did I think I'd agree to spend that amount of money on a doll and clothing.  But, the branding is so strong, it just called me...kept calling...LOL!  On some level, I can't help but think that I was influenced by a birthday invitation my daughter received for her friend's "American Girl" birthday party...yeah?!  

Well, we surprised our daughter this year with a doll of her own for Christmas.  I have to admit, I had fun creating the doll and I think I spent no less than 30 minutes deciding on an outfit for it.  There are many products to choose from and it's all so girlie and cute - appealing to that little girl within wonder they're so successful!

Desirae and DJ ready to party
All in all, my daughter enjoyed her friend's birthday party and her first American Girl experience.  I'd like to think that the novelty will wear off, but I'm not so sure after learning that my daughter used her Christmas money to purchase Honey (a dog for the doll)...huh?  Only time will tell, but in this moment, she loves/enjoys that doll and the experience that comes with it.  And for me, that's what matters most.  My husband doesn't quite get the fascination, but I tell him that it's a girl thing

Does your daughter have one of these dolls?  Have you experienced shopping in their store?  Tell me, I'd like to know.

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