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I am a HUGE Kem fan…in fact, he is one of the few artists where I'd buy an entire album just because he released it.  I haven't been disappointed with his past work, so, how excited was I to get tickets to attend his holiday tour concert!!!  

Image of Kem concert ticket Pic of Kem and Friends

Yep, last weekend, my husband and I spent our date night in Washington DC.  We attended the concert of contemporary jazz artist Kem for his "What Christmas Means" tour.  To our surprise, the tour included Ms. Patti LaBelle and Ron Isley.  Needless to say, my expectations were set very high.

Not including this one, I've attended 3 concerts where Kem performed.  I have all of his albums, with the exception of the re-release (deluxe version) of What Christmas Means album…I have the original released in 2012.  So, I was more than ready for this concert, especially with Patti LaBelle and Ron Isley.  I wondered how the dynamics of the concert would work as both Ms. LaBelle and Mr. Isley are huge artists in their own right with mega hits.  I thought that there could potentially be an overshadow of Kem, when he's the headliner.

Well, I was wrong in my thought process because overall the concert worked.  While I admit, for me it started a little slow, it gained momentum.  For example, when one attends a Kem concert, we know he comes out with a bang singing a hit.  Only for this concert, he entered rather gently…meaning, it was a casual walk on the stage.  Honestly, I had to look twice to realize that was him walking to the mic.  

When the concert began, of course Kem's voice is like magic, so I was not disappointed there.  However, I did feel that he could have integrated his classics a little sooner.  I think that would've made a better transition for introducing his Christmas music.  But as I gave this more thought, the whole point was to promote the Christmas album, so we'd have to hear the songs from that album, right?! 

In the end, the concert was enjoyable and I had a good time!  I love Kem's music and as a fan, there are certain Kem classics I will always love.  We even heard a couple of hits from Patti LaBelle and Ron Isley, so that was an added bonus.  Having them there was also a perfect segue into performing the new single 'Jesus' with all 3 artists.  It will most certainly be one of 'those' songs and has officially been added to my Kem archive.  If you haven't heard it, just take a listen here --> 

Have you ever seen Kem in concert or bought one of his CDs?  Did you have a chance to see the What Christmas Means tour?  I'd like to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below.

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