Making Me Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine.  Isn't that what we've all heard?!  Laughter relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, and triggers the release of endorphins…to name a few.  Well lately, I've laughed a lot and it feels really good.  

Things that have made me laugh out loud recently:
  • My daughter asking me to watch her as she drops to the floor, holds her arms up with claws, and opens her mouth wide almost to a growl.  When I asked what she's suppose to be, her response: "…you know the rugs on the floor with the bear…" translation, she was imitating a bear rug.
  • President Obama's selfie with Denmark's Prime Minister.
  • Christmas Jammies viral video…I loved this family's Christmas video.
  • Drake impersonating Katt Williams on Saturday Night Live #SNL - his impression was spot on! "Nancy, somewhere out there is a man wearing nothing but a Snuggie and shower shoes and he is only 1/2 as crazy as your a@@" #funniestline
  • Ride Along - Ice Cube and Kevin Hart collaboration was a GR8 match…loved this movie!
  • Learning the term, "…it got very VH1…" - used to describe the fight between friends.
  • JD the Judge…those of us that listen to the Howard Stern show get why this bit was hilarious!
  • Enrom (aka Hanzi)…see the previous bullet.
  • This is 40 - recently, I watched this movie for the first time and it cracked me up.  The plot, the script, and the overall film was done well...most importantly the storyline is relatable.
  • A stamp in Michaels that read, "Families are like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts." 
  • The idea that mashed cauliflower (mocked up mashed potatoes) tastes like mashed potatoes #lie
What about you?  What's made you laugh out loud lately?!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I watched This Is 40 a while ago and even though I've got 11 years to go, it was still funny. I haven't tried the cauliflower mashed potatoes yet but I will say adding parsnips to mashed potatoes is amazing.

    I agree though, laughing is so, so important.

    1. The movie is relatable for a lot of us past our mid-twenties…funny is funny! The mashed cauliflower, I think I may try one more time…I just have to find a better recipe…LOL!


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