Entering a New Phase

We're entering a new phase…yep, the "One Direction", "Ariana Grande", and "Ross Lynch" phase.  When I recently bought my little one a magazine (pop culture) that had most of her Disney stars in it, I may have triggered her design concept.  How excited was she to find that they had many posters of the kids she watches on TV.  As a result, here is what her wall looks like now:

What makes me pause, is that I remember my wall (as a kid) in my room looking similar. I was a huge fan of wrestling, back when it was WWF (World Wrestling Federation)...it's now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).  My favorite wrestlers were Jimmy 'The Superfly' Snuka and Tony Dorsett…but I digress.  

While I find this ok, and almost a rite of passage, there are days when I want my baby back.  Our babies grow up SO fast.  Another adjustment in the exciting world of parenting. I can't be alone, right?

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