Happy Valentine's Day 2014

My Mom is SO creative and definitely one of the best crafters out there.  She hand-made this for my daughter for Valentine's day!!!  The reason I love this is because it's different and very cute…of course.  But most importantly, it's so simple for an 8 year old to put this on her dresser (or desk).  The craftsmanship is amazing!  

courtesy of Grandma Jo 
(my craft mentor)

If you cannot tell from the picture, the dress actually has lace to add to the frill.  The embellishments consist of a little shimmer, pop-ups, punch-outs, flowers, and ribbon.  The coordination of colors and its accents are spot on, not only for Valentine's day, but for the girlie girl.  A card filled with and made out of love…what a great Valentine's Day gift!!! Great job Mom!

What do you think of this creative Valentine's Day gift?

Thanks for reading!

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