Mission Embossable: My New Toy

My New Toy
I recently put together a video blog to share my excitement when I received my new toy.  When FedEx dropped off the package at my doorstep, I was like a kid on Christmas morning!!!  I was so happy and thought I'd join in on displaying my form of 'Happy'…check out my >>> Mission Embossable!

I'm looking forward to the many projects I take-on as a result of having this new tool.  For those that are not as familiar with crafting, this machine (Cuttlebug) is an embossing and die cut machine.  You can use it to enhance your cards and scrapbook pages.  Here are a few pics I took to practice using my tool for the first time:


How about you?  Do you have a Cuttlebug (or any other die cut machine)?  Share your special moments where you were SO excited to get it or any other gift!

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