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As a parent, I am a proponent of using iTunes Gift Cards (vs. a credit or debit card) when making song, app, and/or game purchases online from iTunes.  The main reason is the security aspect of having one less credit card out there in cyberspace.  Another reason is because it sets a limit on purchases…especially when you have kids eager to download new songs for their playlist.  Well, I now have one additional reason for using iTune cards…

Recently, I discovered that my iPhone and iPad has a feature that I love and look forward to using every time I purchase and activate an iTunes Gift Card.  The 'Redeem a Gift'  feature enables you to use your iPhone (or iPad) camera to scan in your iTunes card to redeem its value.  Whaaat!?  I'm wondering why I didn't discover this feature a long time ago.  

The 'Redeem a Gift' feature is not only convenient, but very easy to use.  Gone are the days that I attempt to type in the long code, make a typo only to have to start all over again.  Now, with a simple scan of the code…voila - the gift card is redeemed.  Technology at its finest…thanks iTunes, I appreciate ya'!!! #yep

Have you ever tried this feature?  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

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