Thoughts from My Kitchen

View from our kitchen window

It's March [2014] and it's snowing AGAIN!  In fact, they've predicted that this round, we'll get 5-10 inches…sigh!  As I look through my kitchen window watching the snow fall, I got inspired to write a simple/fun poem.  It's appropriately titled, "Thoughts from My Kitchen" … take a read below:

Thoughts from My Kitchen
Winter Winter go away, 
We'd like to plan our Summer vacay.
I'm overwhelmed with all of the snow,
So please give us a break
and GO, GO, GO.
We can't afford any more school days lost,
An extended school year will be the cost.
We'd appreciate a little leniency in the weather
So we can get ourselves back together.
I admit at times the snow play was great,
But I'm SO ready for warmer play dates.
Thank you for pretty pics throughout the season,
But let's part ways and move to the next season.
Winter Winter go away,
We want to plan for our Summer days.
We thank you for the memories,
But I want leaves [not snow] back on our trees.
~Danielle, Chatter Out Loud®

Are you ready for the snow to end?  How's your Winter been for you this year?

Thanks for reading!

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