Tuesday Ten: 03.18.2014 Random Thoughts

I've been writing a lot lately and often I find myself having thoughts that creep into my head.  What I've found is that if I don't let those thoughts out, I wind up getting off-track.  So, I found a way that'll enable me to have a place to free those thoughts, move on and re-focus.  On this blog, I've managed my runaway thoughts with a 'Random Thoughts' or 'Wandering Wednesday' post.  Since today is Tuesday, I'm releasing my version of a Tuesday's Ten:

  1. I don't do well with with office politics. #iCant

  2. I'm SO into a new crime/law show drama, Chicago PD.  Originally I overlooked the show, but when I learned the show is executive produced by Dick Wolf…I gave it try and am now a big fan.  

  3. I recently bought a facial creme product from Target approximately 6-8 months ago.  As I'm reaching the end of the tube, I'm having a hard time finding it in the store. #HateWhenThatHappens

  4. School pictures are coming up and I always feel like the packages we get are too big.  After evaluating our picture stash from the previous 2 years, I think I may have it down to the perfect package size we'll order this year. #wishmeluck

  5. In a moment of stillness, I realized that for the past 3 consecutive weekends, my daughter has had a birthday party to attend.  One weekend included both a Saturday and Sunday party.  As a Mom of a very social daughter that loves attending parties [what kid doesn't, right?], I'm really trying to manage this a little better.  I don't remember having as many parties to attend when I was little. #whatschanged

  6. As I age, I've learned that taking care of your feet will pay dividends.  When you have limited use, it can bring you clarity.  #payattention

  7. I'm SO interested in getting a body wrap.  I've been looking this up online and have found a couple of places locally. #JustWantTheExperience

  8. I've had the 'I want a baby bug…' for a split second.  Of course, I now have the wisdom to understand what this is about and gain perspective, nevertheless, it was a thought I had to release. #sigh

  9. I've been on a craft kick lately.  Last month I bought a new craft tool, as well as participate in a couple of craft challenges.  As a result, I've made a lot of cards and scrapbook pages. #justbecause

  10. My sleep pattern has changed significantly over the past month+.  Why?  We recently purchased a new [King size] bed with a firm mattress.  Not only is there more room, especially when the little one jumps in from time to time, but the mattress provides more support, enabling me to get a better night's rest. #LuvinIt

Wishing you a fantabulous Tuesday...

Thanks for reading!

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