Wordless Wednesday: 03.12.2014 CASE M1

Inspiration Card
courtesy of Vivi en Papel


If you want to learn more about CASE cards, read here: On the Case

#HappyCrafting #WW #CASE

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  1. Just took a peek at your original post about these cards, what a fun concept. I love what you did with yours. I've made a few cards in the past with the help of my friend who is a Stampin Up consultant. It's really fun, but she makes it look easier, so I have only tried a few on my own!

    1. Hi Diana! I know what you mean about friends making it look easy. My Mom makes it look really easy. She's really good with embellishments. I'm getting there. I have to say, this is one of my favorite cards. My girlfriend (the one I gave this card to) loved it!. She kept it for her scrapbook.

      Thanks for visiting!


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