How Do You Spend Mother's Day?

This year my Mother's Day was pretty good!  I had a chance to relax (a little), watch the Hallmark channel (Mystery Woman Marathon), and organize my craft space.  Sidebar: I really need to catch up on my scrapbook pages!  Anyway, I was so excited with the call from my brother and call to my Mom. My sister sent me a nice card and is SO sweet!

Anyway, the hubby treated us to a nice Japanese Steak-house dinner (night before) at our favorite place…and we ended the night with ice cream from our favorite ice cream spot.  I'm positive that I've gained about 5 pounds, but  it's ok.  I will make up for it this week and add an add'l workout day.

I intentionally washed and braided my daughter's hair on Saturday evening, just so I could devote more time on Mother's Day to do more lounging.  I'm SO looking forward to using my new Micron pens and stamp set I rec'd as a gift this year!  Not only that, I have a new water bottle the little one designed for me this year.  Of course, it's a gift that I can show off in the office :-)  

My peeps know what I like

Sidebar: Missing from the pic is a certificate for a FREE ice cream cone from my favorite ice cream place. #yummy

All in all, as with any Mom on Mother's Day, you may not really get the entire day to yourself.  The acknowledgment and focused attention is always nice…but like anything else, it's for a finite period of time…mine happened to last 'til about noon…LOL!  There were moments where I had to intervene, correct homework, weather a mini-tantrum, make a fruit salad, polish the little one's fingernails, and organize/plan our meals for the week.  #LoveIt #Grateful #HappyMothersDay

How did you spend your Mother's Day?  

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