Camps, Pools, and Picnics

I glanced at my calendar and couldn't believe we are in the final few weeks of school.  Before you know it, we'll be shifting to our Summer routine, including vacations (stay-cations), camps, pools, and picnics.  It was only yesterday that I realized how much planning I've done for our daughter…just to keep her active and busy.  I remember when she first began elementary school, I use to get overwhelmed with what she'd do over the Summer.  I think I've gotten it down to a science now…well, I should say I've gotten this phase down to a science.  I'll go through more discovery as she gets into the double digits, I'm sure!

Here are a few things I do (have done) to plan for the Summer months:

  • Summer visits.  Since both my husband and I have parents/family out of state, this is one of the first things we plan.  Similar to my upbringing, we think it's important for the kid to have bonding time with her grandparents.  Not to mention, it's an opportunity for my husband and I to have many consecutive date nights.

  • Summer camps.  Like many places, our Summer camps/activities fill up quickly…especially the closer you get to the end of the school year.  As a result, I make it a habit to review all of the Summer camps/activities, go over it with my daughter for her interests and begin signing up by end of March.

  • Summer reading.  Prior to the end of the school year, our school publishes recommended reading for the kids…it's usually reading for the grade they are being promoted to for the following school year.  I begin to plan our library visits for books.  Now that she's older and reading chapter books, our visits are less frequent, since she's reading more challenging books.  Also, the libraries give weekly incentives (i.e. free ice cream coupon) if your child completes a certain number of books throughout the Summer.

  • Library events/activities.  Our library has many free activities and events throughout the Summer and it's usually posted a couple of months in advance.  So I keep an eye out for events our family will enjoy and be sure to register early (when applicable).

  • Summer parks.  Each year we always plan a couple of trips to an amusement/water park. Fortunately for us, we have a local one down the road, so we're able to frequent that one when we are feeling spontaneous.

  • Community events.  Our community has movie nights on the green/park throughout the Summer.  Although this will be our first year, I've worked in an early Sunday evening to attend at least once.  It's outdoors, and you bring a blanket, snacks and big smiles. 

  • Outside play.  When all else fails, send the kid outside.  Times have changed and so it's necessary (for me at least) to ensure we have a comfort level in letting the kid play at a friend's within the community.  Like any other cautious parent, we do our best to pay attention.

  • While my planning sets the kid up for the majority of the Summer, occasionally we just let her do nothing…that's allowed too!

    Do you have similar plans for your kids during the Summer?  Have any tips that work well for your family?  I'd love to read about it…please share your thoughts in a comment below.

    Thanks for reading!

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    1. Hi Danielle, I don't believe it's coincidence at all that I am reading for the second time this morning about taking a summer break. I support all of these great tips you've shared. My kids are all grown up now so planning around them/for them is out of the question. My idea of a summer break though is to take a short break from blogging & social media this summer.

      1. Hi Yvonne! I hear you with regard to taking a break from blogging/social media. During the Summer, we're a little more active and running around, so it impacts my blogging.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing! Please visit again.


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