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Bill and Jen.  If I were to see just those two names, I'd guess that we would be talking about the stars of TLC's reality show, "The Little Couple."  Bill and Jen have their lives documented with the intention to show us, they are just like everyone else…with the exception that they are short statured.

As mentioned in their opening line, Bill is a business owner and Jen is a doctor.    Both are very successful in their respective careers, in their marriage, and now…in their new role as parents.  Recently adopting two children (Will and Zoey), we watch each week as they try to juggle their world we call life.  

Reality television has definitely cemented its way into a form of entertainment...I admit, I'm a fan.  Over the past couple of years, I've gravitated towards, "The Little Couple" because it is one of the shows that actually offers something of substance.  While we enjoy the niceties of their lives, we also relate to their journey as Bill loves his wife, Jen battles cancer, and their children adapt in their new home as a family.  

What I've found is that Bill and Jen are relatable, likable, genuine, and authentic.  They live life freely and in the open for us to witness.  Their story certainly has much more depth than their size or height.  I really like the show!

Have you ever watched, The Little Couple?  What do you think?  Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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