Tuesday Ten: 09.02.2014 On My Heart

This week's list reflects what's on my heart.  As with the rest of the people in the world, there is much going on in my life.  This is just my piece of the Blogoshpere I'm choosing to share…  

  • There are times I'm reminded that we should hug our children (family and friends) and tell them we love them…tomorrow is not promised.  
Heaven's newest angel...Destinee Leonna Riley (Feb 22 1996 - Aug 23 2014) - Rest In Paradise
  • Each year I get more emotional the closer we get to the 1st day of school.  Why?!  My daughter is no longer a baby…she's 8 years old.  She's so much taller, loves to wear her hair out, and is getting more into her fashion.  It's a normal right of passage I know, but dropping her off at school, makes my heart thump.  It brings me back to when she was first born. Memories…

  • Kem recently released his 4th album, "Promise to Love" … I LOVE it!!!

  • I'll be attending my first Blogger conference.  I'm really excited to see how much I learn and how much it'll impact my blog.  Stay tuned!

  • What had appeared Utopian at the start of my Mommy role, is now a reality.  Huh?!  As a Mom, there are moments I get exhausted initiating play dates, get togethers, parties, etc.  I do it for the love of my daughter, but in the past year, I can't help but notice that if I don't do it…you know the rest. ~sigh~

  • I've exceeded my scrapbooking/crafting budget four consecutive months in a row…I really have to exercise a little discipline. #iWillTry

  • There are changes I'd like to make for my business and I need to make it a priority!  #iKnowICanDoIt #iWillDoIt

  • Anticipating the story line for the resurgence of Shemar Moore's role as Malcolm, on Y&R, it took me one week to catch up…gotta love the soaps!

  • Karen Hunter has recently entered into my consciousness.  How?!  Well, over the past month, she's been on satellite radio with her own show.  I appreciate her thought provoking views.  She's smart, opinionated, raw, and very real!  I hope her show is picked up as a permanent spot…SiriusXM 4p-6p on Urban View channel.

  • I am SOOO loving my gift card set idea for my daughter's teacher.  I may even make more to gift to a few friends. #GoDanielle !!! Click here to view a Gift Card Set Idea.

How about you?  Share one thing that is on your heart…I'd love to read about it!  

Thanks for reading!

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